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  IDBoat DescriptionPrice (USD)Picture
3928919 Feet 1940 Chris Craft Barrelback$49,900
The beautiful and iconic Chris Craft Custom Runabout! Chris Craft only built 433 of these boats between 1939 and 1942, yet she is one of the most recognizable runabouts built by the company. She features her original Chris Craft MBL engine, the largest available option during production. The boat was comprehensively restored during the 1980's and a new West System bottom was installed 2009-2010. Award winner in Coeur D'Alene. One owner since restoration, well cared for and carefully stored. Folding Bugatti windshield, beautiful interior, blue faced gauges, banjo steering wheel - a lot of style packed into a 19 foot runabout!
39283-- Feet 1993, 2003,2015 and 2011 Wooden Boat MagazinesGoing to Auction August 5th 
A variety of Wooden Boat Magazines ranging from 2003 to 2015. These are NOT complete sets but rather individual copies and all of them are in excellent condition.
39282-- Feet 2012-1014 Set of Wooden Boat MagazinesGoing to Auction August 5th 
Being offered is a complete set of Wooden Boat Magazines from 2012, 2013 and 2014. These are complete set in excellent condition and are being offered with NO Reserve from the Bill Bartoo Collection.
39281-- Feet 1985-1989 Complete Set of Wooden Boat MagazinesGoing to Auction August 5th 
Offered for sale at NO RESERVE is a Four Binder set of Wooden Boat Magazines from 1985 through to and including 1989. These are all in excellent condition and offered from the Bill Bartoo Collection.
3927915 Feet 1940's St. Lawrence Ladies SkiffGoing to Auction August 5th
We are offering a St. Lawrence River Ladies Skiff. It is believed to have been built in 1940's and has a distinctive butternut inlay suggesting that it is Canadian made. Based on the construction we believe that it was built just North of here in the Chaffey's Locks area. It is being offered with NO Reserve here today at the Auction.
39278-- Feet West Bend OutboardGoing to Auction August 5th 
Being offered are Tow West Bend Outboard Engines which would make a great display piece. It is unknown if they are currently in running condition. They are being offered at No Reserve
3927618 Feet 1950 Chris Craft Riviera$29,900
Between 1950 and 1954, Chris Craft was very successful in building and selling 1210 of the 18 foot Riviera models. The first 119 units were upholstered in a an attractive maroon material and all those after were done in red. The striking 2 tone decks caught everyone's eye and the blond king plank pulled people towards this model. This example has been very nicely restored. Replacement bottom, excellent interior and chrome, recently refinished. Ready to enjoy!
39275-- Feet 1980-1985 A set of Wooden Boat Magazines fromGoing to Auction August 5th 
Being offered for sale is a set of Wooden Boat Magazines form 1980 through to 1985. This is a collection which is in excellent condition and preserved in binders. It is from the Bill Bartoo Collection and being offered at no Reserve.
3927222' Feet 2004 Lakeland Boatworks Isle Royale Going to Auction August 5th
39271Lareg Scale Steamship Wooden Boat ModelGoing to Auction August 5th 
A Steamship often referred to as a Steamer is a vessel typically ocean -faring and seaworthy, that is propelled by one or more steam engines that typically drive propellors or paddlewheels. The first steamships came into practical usage in the late 1800's. This extraordinary steamship has great details including a lifeboat, smoke stack, brass plating, life preserver and wheelhouse. The ropes are intact and tight. The boat comes complete with a stand and measures 40 inches by 22.5 inches by 8 inches and is being sold with No Reserve.
3926627 Feet 1955 Shepherd V-Drive Runabout$42,900
Clean boat that went through a full refinish a couple years back. The bottom is original and swells very tight. Both engines are believed to have cracked blocks and the pricing is reflective of that. Comes on an Aluminum Tri Axle trailer
3926322 Feet 1936 Gar Wood Triple Cockpit$64,900
This boat went through a frame up restoration. The boat was totally taken apart during restoration and restored. There is picture documentation of the restoration. Extremely well done boat that is very original. Comes on a custom built Performance trailer that was built for the boat.
3926220'6" Feet 1941 Gar Wood Deluxe Utility$29,900
Very clean boat that was restored in 2008/09. The boat was stripped to bare wood, 5 or so planks were replaced at the time. The bottom was Completely refastened. The 350 engine was also installed at that time. The original engine is available for the boat.
3926015 Feet 1969 Penn Yan Outboard - No EngineGoing to Auction August 5th 
3925812' Feet 1955 Barbour Open UtilityGoing to Auction August 5th 
Purchased in Clayton 2001, boat refurbished, bottom West System under paint, boat very good shape. Motor ran briefly to check in 2001, kept oiled and in barn with boat since.
39256A selection of Wooden Boat MagazinesGoing to Auction August 5th 
Being offered is a selection of Wooden Boat Magazines from 1974 through to 1980. These are in excellent condition and have been well preserved over the years. These magazines are from the Bill Bartoo Collection and are being offered at No Reserve.
39255 Feet Set of Wooden Boat MagazinesGoing to Auction August 5th 
Being offered are the complete set s of Wooden Boat Magazines from the years, 2004 through to and including 2008. This 5 year complete collection are all in excellent condition and are being offered at NO Reserve from the Bill Bartoo Collection.
39254 Feet Set of Wooden Boat MagazinesGoing to Auction August 5th 
This lot consists of a complete set of Wooden Boat Magazines for the years, 1997 through to and including 2002. The collection is in excellent condition and being sold from the Bill Bartoo Collection at NO Reserve.
3925016 Feet 1920 Port Carling Waterford Dispro$10,500
This 1920 Disappearing Propeller boat is a beautiful survivor that maintains nearly all original wood. She has been nicely restored and is a very rare "Waterford" model that is 16 feet overall. These early examples are very rare and this boat is a true time capsule. Would be a great boat for exploring uncharted areas or putting around at cocktail hour.
3924920 Feet 1958 Chris Craft Sportsman$32,000
This Chris Craft Sportsman 20 footer has been nicely restored and upgraded with a 350 cid Chris Craft conversion V8 engine. She features a no soak 5200 bottom and replaced transom. The ceilings were removed in 2016, stripped, and refinished. The flooring was also replaced with original style Nautolex at this time. Only 152 of the 20 foot Sportsmans were built between 1957 and 1959, and the tango red interior was only offered for 1958 and 1959. This is a very practical classic that is ready to enjoy!
3924819 Feet 1949 Chris Craft Racing Runabout$44,995
Full restored boat with replaced bottom and rebuilt engine. The boat has had very little use since restoration. The boat is currently in Show Condition. Comes on a custom C-Hawk trailer that was built for the boat. Also has a full waterline cover.
3924722 Feet 1947 Chris Craft Sportsman$29,900
Vintage Marine installed the new bottom. Engine rebuilt by Van Ness - awesome running engine. 158hp Chrysler New Transom but decks, hull sides, dash & ceiling are original. (Boat qualifies for preserved judging) -New Rub rails, (Pat Powell instruments), new gas tank and wiring. -Kapok cushions -New custom made cover Awards - Clayton, Lake Hopatcong, Smith Mountain, Southern New England and Essex twice.
3924617 Feet 1947 Chris Craft Deluxe Runabout$18,500
One of the most popular 17' Chris Craft models produced following WWII. Chris Craft produced 1880 Deluxe Runabouts between 1946 and 1950. This 1947 model is a very nice user boat that was restored by her currently owner in recent years. She was rescued in a derelict state and received all new decks, new chrome, a full refinish, rebuilt Chris Craft Model-B engine, new aluminum fuel tank, and a very nice interior with correct Kapok cushions. She is offered at a very fair price and is the perfect entry level classic.
39244Sets of Wooden Boat Magazines from the Years Going to Auction August 5th 
This lot is a complete set of Wooden Boat Magazines from the years 1990, 1991, 1992 , 1994, 1995, 1996,. These magazines are all in excellent condition and great for any collector. They are being sold with No Reserve from the Bill Bartoo Collection.
3924321 Feet 1962 Lyman UtilityGoing to Auction August 5th
This 1962 Lyman appears to be a very good user boat that has been well kept. She has been kept by the same owner for many years in Henderson Harbor. The canvas and interior are in exceptional condition and the paint and varnish are quite fair. The original Ford Interceptor engine shows 1600 hours on the meter and has treated the current owner well. She is sold complete with a very nice tandem axle Load Rite trailer. This would be a nice package for the River and it is a manageable size! Offered with No Reserve.
3924118 Feet 1953 Mandella$19,000
Original owner. My wife's father bought the hull in 1953 direct from Mandella. It has a Glenwood V-Drive with a 390 with app 3 hours on it. We have a lot of photos and a book of what the boat has been through during ownership and restoration. We had it restored about 10 years ago including rebuilding the engine. We also have original Mandella decals. It is in beautiful condition.
3923928'6 Feet 1999 Hugh Saint Custom Picnic Launch$230,000
The current owner has owned the boat for the last 19 years and has toured it from the Muskoka region to the Bahamas and most of the major rivers in the Eastern USA. Designed by marine architect Charles Jannace and built by Hugh Saint in 1999. She has a top speed of 44mph and cruises very comfortably at 24mph. The picnic launch design is exceptional for entertaining guests and she is equipped with facilities, a large built-in ice box, picnic table, microwave, sink, and a fresh water shower on the transom. Cold molded construction, Honduras mahogany decks. She has a 454cid Mercruiser engine coupled to a new Bravo-3 outdrive. Equipped with a bow thruster for easy docking. Halon automatic fire extinguisher system, 70 gal. fuel capacity. This beauty needs nothing and is ready for her next adventure!
3923832 Feet 1977 Pacemaker Motor Yacht Going to Auction August 5th
3923719 Feet 2015 Chris Craft Special Race Boat Reproduction$34,000
This reproduction Special Racer was expertly built by Vintage Craft in 2015. Only 51 of the original Chris Craft boats were ever built between 1936-1937. This example is nicely finished with correct hardware and the original style blue & white color scheme. Full cold-molded construction, built from the Chris Craft lines. Only 38 hours of use on the Indmar 350hp V8 engine!
3923611'7" Feet 1946-9 Link Manufacturing Co. LimitedGoing to Auction August 5th
Boat hull is in good shape. Hardware original. Oars believed to be original. Canvas cover needs repair or replacement.
3923525 Feet 1948 Chris Craft Red & White Express Cruiser$16,500
Chris Craft produced 302 of the unique "Red & White" Express Cruisers between 1946 and 1948. With their striking sheerline and color scheme, these boats are very desirable. Toted as the "boat of tomorrow" by Chris Craft when the first 25' Express was introduced in 1940; this model represents the manufacturer's efforts to modernize boat design. This example was restored by her owner over a 10 year period and has been in regular use since. She is currently in user-condition and ready for a new captain!
3923417 Feet 1968 Century Resorter$5,999
Hull refinished and refastened with silicon bronze screws in 2014. Soft spot in frame repaired and impregnated with CPES. Original bottom. Engine refurbished 2014 and runs well. Good trailer. Used last summer for skiing. Original upholstery is worn but usable. Replacement engine box needs upholstery as well. All lights and gauges work except fuel level.
3923315 Feet 1960 Hal Kelley Foo-Ling Raceboat$6,250
The Hal Kelley "Foo-Ling" design was built for class B and C utility racing. A competitive design in the 1950's and 1960's, these boats were popular for both closed course and marathon racing. This example has been nicely restored and is rigged with a Mercury 30H, factory C-class racing engine. Ready to enjoy and complete with a well fitted single axle trailer.
3923215 Feet 2000 Gheenoe OutboardGoing to Auction August 5th 
This boat was purchased new in 2000 and has been in the same Family since that time. The boat has been used exclusively in the ST. Lawrence River area but has been used very little. The boat is being sold today and being offered with No Reserve.
3922918 Feet 1952 Century Sea Maid$25,000
Blonde Beauty, one of 47 Made - Complete Restoration in 2016 – Most frames, keel, stem and partial chines replaced. 5200 bottom including new inner plywood and new outer planking. All parts sealed with CPES (Penetrating Epoxy) Planking bedded in 3M 5200 and held with silicon bronze screws. Outer planks sealed with CPES, epoxy barrier paint and bronze bottom paint. A few side planks were replaced. All other side planks were removed, cleaned up and re-installed with 5200 and new bronze screws. Deck is all new wood using African mahogany and the correct Avodire white mahogany. Deck and sides are sealed and varnished with 8-10 coats of varnish. Engine is a Chrysler six cylinder with twin carbs and is original to the boat. It was rebuilt by a professional machine shop. Carburetors and generator were rebuilt. Engine is 12 volt and is rated at 125 HP. Upholstery is red and white. It is new and is a kit from A and A Marine, made by the same people who made the original. All chrome parts were replated. Gauges were restored by Kocian Instruments. Wiring is new cloth wrapped wire. Gas tank is new aluminum from Rayco. Original Vita-Lite added. Spring Launch had tune up, Oil Change, bottom painted and in water at Lake George NY now.
3922822 Feet 1949 Chris Craft Sportsman U-22$5,000
This is a post-war all mahogany boat. The current owner purchased the boat in Denver Colorado in 1982. The boat was originally delivered to Mankato, Minnesota. The entire boat has been stripped down to the chine by sanding. The boat is on a cradle on a partially completed factory/home built trailer. The floor boards of the boat have been removed. The boat has been stored in a dry garage in Colorado since 1986. The sale includes a set of 6 wobble roller boat supports [see photo]. A new bow stop is also included. All chrome and stainless trim has been removed and is complete [see photos]. The fuel was siphoned from the original tank in 1986.The original Hercules M engine is in the boat and had 2oz of motor oil placed in each cylinder via the spark plug holes and the engine was turned over with the starter to distribute the oil to the cylinder walls and the rings. The spark plugs were replaced and the engine has been in storage in the boat since 1986. A 6 inch diameter, 14 inch high Ivalite spotlight is included. The spotlight was on the boat when purchased, but was not shown on the hull card for this boat. The spotlight rotates freely, but the up and down motion is stuck. The spotlight will require parts and repair to be fully functional.
3922717 Feet 1948 Chris Craft Custom Runabout$6,000
The current owner purchased this boat in Orchard Park, NY in 1984. The boat hull is completely original and unrestored. The boat is on a cradle on a steel, vintage, home built trailer. The boat has been stored in a dry garage in Colorado since 1986. The original gauges and all chrome and stainless trim is complete and included. The fuel was siphoned from the original tank in 1986. At this time 2 oz of motor oil was placed in each cylinder via the spark plug hole and the engine was turned over to distribute the oil to the cylinder walls and rings. The spark plugs were replaced and the engine has been in storage in the boat since 1986. All visible wood in this boat appears to be sound and should restore easily. The replacement engine in the boat is a KBL Hercules [64405] with 3 zenith downdraft carburetors. The prop is a 7907 equipoise. The generator is not shown in the photos, but is included. A 6 inch diameter, 10 inch high Ivalite, dash controlled spotlight, [not original to the boat] is available for $300 first come first served. [See ad number 39222]. The light rotates freely. The up and down motion is stuck and will need work to be fully operational. The spotlight has a 36 inch long cable.
3922618 Feet 1956 Port Carling SeaBird$2,500
Port Carling SeaBird that runs well but needs attention - some varnish, some paint and a replacement plank or two. Always kept in a boathouse with a custom-fitted cover. Engine valves set plus a new head gasket. New rudder.
3922544 Feet 1967 Pacemaker Motor Yacht$15,000
In the same family since 2000, this 1967 Pacemaker Motor Yacht is being offered with no reserve as the family has moved on to other pursuits. The boat is powered by twin 409 engines offering 225 HP each. The boat comes complete with a survey performed by a certified marine surveyor in May 2018 attesting to it's current condition. The boat has a pull out as well as 2 cabins and will sleep 6 comfortably. The boat has always been in the cool freshwater of the St. Lawrence River and has not suffered from any salt water corrosion. It also has a bow thruster, a new inverter, holding tank as well as a new air conditioning system.
3922416 Feet Unknown St. Lawrence SkiffGoing to Auction August 5th
This St. Lawrence Skiff was restored by well know local restorer Tom Inglehart. It has been in the same Family for 18 years and is no longer being used. As such it is being offered for sale with no reserve here today for Auction.
3922317 Feet 1947 Chris Craft Deluxe Runabout$29,500
Complete restoration completed in June of 2018 from a nearly bare-wood condition. New West System "no-soak" bottom including frames and chine, new sides, new decks, beautiful new red upholstery. New gas tank. Engine was not rebuilt but runs great (sea trials available). This boat is stunning and is in show condition. It features the larger Chris Craft KBL engine which offers 131 HP and moves the boat along nicely. Make an offer! (Note that the boat does not have a bow or stern pole).
3922216 Feet 1941 Chris Craft Special Runabout$8,000
This boat was purchased in West Seneca, N.Y. in 1982. Boat had been restored prior to 1982 with new upholstery. Original Hercules B engine was replaced with a Hercules K engine during this previous restoration. The hull number is 57254. The boat was last in the water in 1986 and sealed adequately with a caulked bottom. The boat has been stored in an unheated garage in Colorado since 1986. The boat was damaged by hail in 1986 and needs a new deck. Sale of boat will include approximately 75 board feet of African mahogany [Sapele] for deck replacement. All chrome and stainless trim has been removed for anticipated deck replacement. The boat hull will need to be stripped, stained and varnished. Two hull boards about 6 feet long on the front port side will need to be replaced due to inadequate repairs during original restoration. The transom was replaced with a one piece mahogany board in 1986 but has cracked across the width of the boat over the many years. It will require replacement. These are shown in the photos. The Fuel was siphoned from original tank when boat was placed in storage in 1986. The engine cylinders were protected by placing 2 oz of motor oil in each cylinder and then turning the engine over with the starter to distribute the oil to the cylinders and rings. The engine has been in storage in the boat since 1986. All the chrome and stainless trim is included with the exception of the rear lifting ring which is currently lost. Front navigation light is included, but is not shown in the pictures. The engine number is K23094. A used 10 inch high, 6 inches diameter, dash control Ivolite spotlight is available for $300, but will need some work to be operational. The original boat cover, which is canvas, is included, but was damaged during the hail storm.
3922122 Feet 1955 Chris Craft Holiday $28,000
It was restored 1991-2003. It has a west system bottom, new deck, partial planking, rebuilt motor, marnolium flooring, interior cushions reupholstered, chrome is re chromed. minimal use since restored. Always stored inside. Full travel cover.
3922012 Feet 1950 Penn Yan Cartopper$2,000
This boat had been stored inside there loft of a garage for over 40 years. My neighbor bought the house, and gave it to me. I did some shoveling snow for him over the years, and he gave it to me. I have the original oars, and a set of paddles that looks like they came with it too. A they have metal pretty trim on the end, and also have the original regular boat paddle that came with it. I say that because it's the same color.
3921730 Feet 1989 Hugh Saint Triple Cockpit Runabout$119,000
Built by Hugh Saint Custom Boats in 1989, this 30 foot triple cockpit runabout is a stunning contemporary build. Only 341 hours of use since new and completely refinished with 12 coats of varnish in 2017. Mahogany planking, cold molded construction, teak cockpit soles, and leather upholstery. Sold complete with a custom built tandem axle trailer. This triple needs absolutely nothing and has been exceptionally maintained.
3921617 Feet 1965 Grady White Pamlico$6,000
We purchased this boat in 1966. Her first owner only had her for 1 1/2 boating season. She's never been restored as she has always been maintained and keep stored during the off seasons. Her original outboard was replaced with her current 1984 75 HP Evinrude. She has been presented several times at the Mystic Antique Wood Boat Show and the Vintage Treasures Boat Show in Essex. Both in CT.
3921510' Feet 1937 Dyer Dink$5,000
Beautifully restored 1937 Dyer Dinghy with original hardware, sail and new oars. Mahogany lapstreak planked. A wonderful classic sailboat and a great tender that will capture everyone's attention.
3921120 Feet 1984 Tiara Going to Auction August 5th
This Tiara has owned by the current family since 1991 and been run always in the cool, freshwater of the Thousand Islands in the St. Lawrence River. It is in very good overall condition and has been well maintained. Engine runs well.
3921026 Feet 1967 Lyman Sleeper$16,000
Good condition example of Lyman's popular Sleeper model, but in the larger 26-foot length for better handling in rougher waters. Roomy with high gunnels, she'll keep fidgety tots and youngsters from tumbling overboard while providing lots of space for 8-10 adults to spread out comfortably during a day cruise. Powered by a new Crusader XL V-8. Paint and varnish were redone in 2015. Package includes a power anchor, radio and SONAR.
3920916 Feet 1959 Century Resorter$15,900
Originally sold by Murdon Marine, the region's Century dealer, in 1959. She was custom built for a client on Lake Rosseau. Bottom, chines, and stem were replaced in 2006 and the boat has been well maintained and boathouse-kept since. The Gray Marine 135hp V8 has been rebuilt and has low hours. Upholstery redone at the time of restoration. Professionally stored and maintained annually, this little Resorter is in nice shape and ready to enjoy!
3920824 Feet 1956 Greavette Streamliner S-Cockpit$125,000
The iconic and beautiful, Canadian-built Greavette Streamliner. One of the most collectable Canadian classics and regarded for its grace and unique design. Elegant craftsmanship and beautiful lines; this 1956 24 foot model was comprehensively restored in 1995 and very well maintained since. She was repowered at the time of restoration with a new Crusader V8 engine for performance and reliability. Desirable S-cockpit configuration allows for an easy pass-through between cockpit areas. A recent custom canvas cover is also included!
3920725 Feet 1966 Lyman Sleeper Utility$22,500
This beautiful Lyman has gone through a comprehensive restoration which included new ribs, transom, decks, teak king plank & windshield, cockpit sole/flooring, mahogany seats/bulkheads/cabinet doors. The original Gray Marine V8 engine was rebuilt and the entire boat was rewired. New fuse panel, switches, battery selector, and restored gauge panel. Prop shaft, cutlass bearing, and prop replaced. Complete with a new custom Loadmaster trailer and a Jabsco toilet + hoses not yet installed. These boats are perfect for entertaining and this example is exceptional!
3920621 Feet 1921 Ditchburn Launch$80,000
Featured in the book, "Ditchburn Boats, A Muskoka Legacy"; this Ditchburn launch has been beautifully restored and lovingly maintained. People's Choice award winner in NH ACBS. 80% original wood above the waterline, all original cast aluminum and nickel plated hardware. Bottom, keel, and stringers have been replaced. The Buchanan Junior-4 engine has been rebuilt, starter and generator recently redone. Sold complete with a bunk storage trailer and a custom 6000 lb Feighner hydraulic lift!
3920522 Feet 1975 Century Coronado$17,500
1975 CENTURY CORONADO, Very nice example od a beautiful vintage Century. Emeraid green, repaint over white (redone) chrome is very good with several new adornments from A & A MARINE, 49 Hours showing on hour meter since new 454 (350/HP) MERCRUISER Engine installed. the boat runs/drives/rides great. All components and gauges work as they should except for speedo. (needs new hose hookup). Teak bow rail and stran flag pole included. Velvet drive transmission is wonderful. Full marine survey done on this boat last summer. All systems, engine stringers and floors are very good condition. The boat looks and runs great. Brand new waterline custom cover and nice trailer included. This boat get compliments were ever it goes.
3920416 Feet 1940 Peterborough Speedster$12,500
Top-notch condition Peterborough Speedster from the late 30s or very early 40s. Spent her first 40 +/- years on Charleston Lake, ON, then 30 years in storage before a full, bare-wood restoration in 2007-08. Includes a new mooring cover and 15 hour Mercury Sea Pro engine. A perfect boat for cruising or fishing on a small lake or river.
3920321 Feet 1964 Chris Craft Super Sport$15,000
Boat was purchased by my father in about 1972 from the original owner. Hull number research indicates that it was one of about 40 of this model built by Chris Craft in 1964. It has served as the family ski boat for the past 40+ years, primarily at Lake Tahoe, but also a few trips to the Sacramento/San Joaquin Delta (boat has never been in salt water). Lot of enjoyment for mom and dad, 3 sons, their wives, and most recently 8 grandchildren. All of the grandchildren learned to water ski behind the Chris Craft. Mechanically, the boat has been very reliable. The reverse gear was reconditioned in 1993 and a new bottom was installed in 1998 by Philbrick Boat Works. All of the seat cushions were recovered in 1996. Water pump replaced in 2000. Other small maintenance items since 2000: new bilge pump, new solenoid, new starter drive clutch, etc. Since purchase, boat has always been stored indoors, in my father's garage until 2009 and thereafter in a boat storage warehouse. Boat has been used infrequently since 2005, mainly for 5 or 6 two-week trips to Lake Tahoe. Grandkids now grown--time to let another family enjoy one of the last woodie's that Chris Craft made.
3920212 Feet 1954 Paceship Outboard$5,500
Boat was in inside storage since new. It was pulled out of storage in 1997 and used a couple of times and put back in inside storage. The boat has not been in the water for at least 4 years. Boat is solc with no wood issues at all.
3920122 Feet 1954 Greavette Sheerliner$28,500
A beautiful 1954 Greavette Sheerliner. One of only 2 Sheerliners built in 1954.This boat was a dislplay boat for Greavette at the 1954 boat show in Toronto. She has the original Chrysler M47-S motor with low hours since rebuild. The boat has fresh varnish and new upholstery. Was in the water last summer and was on display at the Algonac Boat show. I have a copy of the original varnish records and sales brochure from Gravenhurst. Looks and runs fantastic.
3920020 Feet 1990 Classic Craft Gentleman's Racer$90,000
Built Auckland NZ, 5/8" Mahogony over 1/4" marine ply, clear fibreglass outer shell.Rigid water tight hull. One owner, Boathoused since new, refinished 2015. Handles beautifully , runs perfectly, a true Gentlemens Racer.
3919924 Feet 1989 Chris Craft Reproduction Triple Runabout$27,500
This triple cockpit sweetheart was purchased by a daughter from her father (the original owner). Officially license by Chris Craft and built by Grand Craft boats. For many years, this 1930 reproduction offered a trip back to a time of American ingenuity and progress. It was last in the water in 2014. Hull and interior restored. Burgundy seats. Delivered equipped with a salt water package. It has been in a garage on a trailer since. It is time for a new, devoted owner.
3919817 Feet 1966 Century Resorter$24,900
This classic ski boat of the 1960's, the Century Resorter has been fully restored and is ready to use or show. WINNER, 2017 Smith Mountain Lake Antique Boat Show for Best Century Boat. Features 390 Ford Interceptor in excellent condition offering 285 HP, with new starter, new carburetor, and updated electronic ignition. Includes sliding convertible top.
3919716 Feet 1960 Century Resorter$17,900
This 16' Century went through a full restoration 12 years ago and has been very well maintained. Kept on a covered lift during the summer months and used a dozen times per season. The original Gray Marine Fireball V8 was fully rebuilt 7 years ago and has low hours. Bottom replaced as original 12 years ago. The boat has been nicely restored to factory original condition and the seller has the original accessory convertible top, not currently installed on the boat. Equipped with original ski-tow pole. Sold complete with a single axle trailer and ready to enjoy this season!
3919526' Feet 1983 Chris-Craft Stinger 260 SL$19,500
Chris-Craft's foray into high performance boats began in the late 70s with the Excalibur series, which became the Stinger models in 1981 and were recognized as Chris-Craft's top-of-the-line offshore power boats in the 80s. The 39-foot Stinger models were the featured boats in "Miami Vice" starting in 1984. This 1983, 26-foot version is powered by twin Mercruiser 260 HP V-8s that push her along at well over 50 MPH. Clean and well kept, she comes with two reconditioned props and all equipment needed for immediate use. Classic fiberglass with power and speed at an attractive price!
3919425 Feet 1963 Lyman Hard Top Sleeper$9,000
Hull #K-1044. Dependable, comfortable Lyman with original Gray Marine Fireball V-8 engine totally rebuilt in 2006 by Roger's Marine in Alexandria Bay, NY (in the Thousand Islands). Mahogany needs some re-varnishing and touch-up work, but engine and hull are both sound and solid. She runs the St. Lawrence River every day all spring and summer. She is docked in Canada but registered in New York State.
3919321 Feet 1982 Sunrunner Cruiser$9,000
A serious boat for the serious boat owner, this vintage 21 ft. 1982 Sunrunner is loaded with rare "teak wood". Originally manufactured in Spokane, Washington, this two owner boat was bought out of Maple Ridge, British Columbia in 1992, where the old ocean going 4 cylinder engine and leg was replaced with a new 5.0 liter (305 cubic inch) Volvo Penta motor and leg. A new dual axle EZ Loader trailer was purchased, and it was brought up to the British Columbia Central Interior for near complete restoration. Engine has just over 200 hours, with only 6 hours on it since it was professionally tuned up in 2014. Over $21,000 has been invested into this boat, which includes it's original $5,000 purchase price. All receipts right down to the brass screws have been kept and are available. Appointments must be made to view this vintage boat, with engine startup demonstration.
3919217 Feet 1973 Century Resorter$8,900
These fiberglass Century Resorters offer many of the same characteristics as their wooden counterparts, but offer less maintenance and are an easy boat to own. This example received brand new stringers 6 years ago and has been well kept. Attractive cream on blue color scheme. The engine is a 318cid Chrysler V8 that has been recently tuned up and is a strong runner. This is a great entry-level inboard that handle everything from entertaining to water sports.
3919023 Feet 1956 Chris Craft Continental$38,000
Chris Craft built 170 23' Continentals between 1956 and 1958. The 23 footer was based on the popularity of the 22 foot model, but the extended cockpit offered attractive lines and more space. The current owner purchased this boat in 2004 as a bare hull that was in very good condition. Over a few years, the boat was completed, outfitted with a new Crusader 350 engine, totally rewired, new gauges, custom upholstery, 2/3 factory-style seat added in front of the engine. Only 100 hours of use since the boat was finished! Sold complete with a custom built trailer that fits the boat very nicely.
3918817 Feet 1960 Mason Cruiser$3,495
This is an almost showroom quality boat, that was stored for most of it's life in a garage. Boat is sound and watertight. Engine has been overhauled. New Battery, cables, Fuel tanks, fuel lines. A time capsule boat.
3918716 Feet 1965 Century Resorter$10,500
This one-owner Century Resorter has always been well maintained and carefully stored during the off-season months. The hull was restored in the mid-1980's, full bottom, hullsides, etc. Interior and engine are all original with 375 hours showing on the meter. Priced favorably and ready for a new captain. These 16' Resorters really fly with V8 power and this example will give her new owner many Summers of fun.
3918517 Feet 1937 Chris Craft Utility$24,950
Between the year of 1937 and 1939 Chris Craft built a total of 529 of the 17 Foot Double Cockpit Forward Deluxe Runabouts. They were 17 feet in length, 6 feet wide had a draft of 18 inches and weighed just slightly over 1800 Lbs. It is powered by it's original Chris Craft Model B engine providing 60 HP which moves the boat along nicely. This boat was fully restored including a West System bottom in 2014 and spent many years in the Adirondacks. The owner has a copy of the original Chris Craft Factory records which will accompany the boat. The boat is now ready for a new Captain and would be perfect as an entry level boat or on a small to medium sized lake.
3918428 Feet 2003 Chris Craft Corsair Heritage Edition$65,000
With her retro and curved tumblehome, the 28 Corsair conveys the Classic look of yesteryear. Built on a deep V hull with a well flared bow this boat takes the water beautifully. The old world dashboard and the heritage package offer a throwback to the Chris Craft form the 1950's. Cockpit and upholstery is in very nice condition and the curved foredeck expose s a v-berth and portable head. The gel coat is flawless and is evidence of gentle use in the fresh water of the Great Lakes. Additional features include a pressure water system, cockpit cooler storage, transom shower and flip up bucket seat bolsters. These 28 foot Corsairs are in rather low supply and sought after.
3918314 Feet 1958 Chris Craft Comet$28,000
found this boat in a barn where it sat for 30 years. spent over 1100 hours restoring.
3918217 Feet 1956 Chesapeake Cat Boat $18,000
This is a Withhold design Chesapeake Bay Cat Boat. I have had the sailboat 40 years and restored it twice. It's now ready for it's third restoration but I don't have the time. She is mahogany or pine on oak frames with a fairly new main older jib sail, barn door rudder, motor and two bilge pumps. She sleeps two on original mattresses and inclyudes a porta potty. I have taken it two trips down the Mississippi to Hannibal, Mo as well as sailing locally. I have been cruising in our bigger sailboat for 20 years for five months each year and just can't find room to restore the gaff rigged Cat.
3918015 Feet 1960 Penn Yan Outboard Runabout$3,500
This is a complete, matching 1960 package! All original boat, motor, Tee Nee trailer, and marine accessories. This beautiful Penn Yan has never been restored and is in very nice preserved condition. She was purchase new by a New York city vacationer who only used it a small handful of times before putting it in storage. All of the original marine accessories are included. Twin fuel tanks, air horn, oars, speedo, amp meter, convertible top, and side curtains. She is a true time capsule and has been enjoyed by her current owner. Would look great behind a classic car, but also a nice running boat.
3917919 Feet 1952 Chris Craft Holiday$19,500
Between the years of 1951 and 1953 Chris Craft introduced the 19 Foot Holiday. A total of 384 boats were made employing the use of two tone woods. Because of the style of the bottom these boats are best served on small to medium sized lakes. This boat has been very well maintained and has a unique teak floor installed as well as custom upholstery. It has been upgraded to a 12 Volt system and has a shore power outlet , a no soak bottom which was installed in 2014 and a bilge blower. The varnish is very nice and ready for a season of fun boating on the water. The boat also has a fresh water washout such that no salt ever sits in the motor. Over 63K has been invested in the restoration and ongoing maintenance of this boat. Lastly the Chris Craft KLC engine has been rebuilt and no provides 130Lbs of pressure per cylinder.
3917730 Feet 1967 Lyman Cruisette Hard Top$85,000 
This stunning classic Hardtop Lyman has been meticulously maintained yearly by it's owner who spared no expense. It has been completely restored from stem to stern. It is powered by Twin Crusader 350 cu. in engines both of which have been completely rebuilt. These large Lyman's are very sought after and great for entertaining offering plenty of room for people tp move about. This 30 Foot model offers a dinette table and an entertaining area with a sink, fridge and area for preparing and storing snacks and drinks. It is equipped with an electronics package and everything on the boat is in good working order. The chrome is excellent demonstrating it's fresh water use as is the upholstery which has no rips or tears. The boat has been in the same Family for over 15 years and due to an illness the owners are looking for a new custodian for this boat.
3917625 Feet 1991 Clarion Gold Cup 25 Gentleman's Racer$69,000
Built by Canadian builder, Clarion Boats, in 1991. One of only 5 built and one of the most stunning contemporary racers with uninterrupted style from stem to stern. Repowered it in 2010 and very low hours. The engine is a fuel injected, fully computer driven 330hp 350Mercruiser Scorpion. The detailed woodworking is all over the boat from the radius ed center console and bucket seats to the engine compartment. Leather seats, automatic halon fire extinguisher in engine compartment, Cradle Ride Trailer. 1st place winner at 2010 Winnipesaukee boat show contemporary division, 2005 Contemporary boat of the year at the Ottawa Show.
39175 18 Feet Chris Craft Sportsman$15,700
This 1951 Chris Craft Sportsman was my Father's pride and joy. Life got in the way and he was unable to use it and enjoy it as he had hoped. The boat ran perfectly when was it was stored away in 2009 and was always carefully stored indoors and protected from the elements. Varnish on sides and decks is nice, bottom will need a paint job at some point in the near future. All Original and structurally very good. Could be used and enjoyed as it is. Upholstery is all original but is ok. Make Offers...
3917416 Feet 1941 Custom Gentleman's Racer$27,500
This beautiful gentleman's racer began life as a 16 foot double cockpit Chris Craft Runabout. She was comprehensively rebuilt in 2003 using the lines of a 1928 Hacker. Full West System construction, no-soak bottom, gorgeous finish, Stuart Warner classic gauges, powered by a Crusader 4.3L V6 engine. This boat was rebuilt in a very traditional style, true to form of the original Hacker racers. Complete with trailer, custom cover, and cockpit cover.
3917324 Feet 1989 Lyman Sportsman$36,000
Built in 1989, this reproduction Lyman Sportsman features a low maintenance fiberglass hull and all of the appeal of a wooden boat. She sports teak decks, teak flooring, mahogany ceiling panels and all mahogany trim. She has been beautifully refinished and outfitted with all new interior woodwork. Hull sides have been refinished in dark blue Imron paint which really sets this boat apart from the others. She was enjoyed on the fresh water lakes of Ohio prior to her move to Florida recently. Complete with a mooring cover and tonneau cover. Full 2017 Garmin GPS system. Needs absolutely nothing and is ready to enjoy!
3917215 Feet 1963 Penn Yan Outboard$5,500
Purchased new in 1963 and ion the same Family since that time, this Penn Yan Outboard is really a time capsule and really well suited for a small body of water. The boat comes complete with paddle, spare gas cans and all marine equipment with the boat.
3917126 Feet 1968 Lyman Sleeper$3,500
Good condition Lyman Sleeper in the 26-foot version. Owned by the same family since purchased new in 1968 from Mercer's Marina in Clayton, NY, she has been boathouse-kept in the Thousand Islands region on the St. Lawrence River for her entire life. She received extensive bottom work in 1991 and a Jasper re-manufactured Crusader 250 engine in 1998. Current professional marine survey dated June 2018 (available to prospective buyers) indicates damage to the keel forward of the shaft log (see above photo). Damage is reparable and is reflected in the asking price.
3916920 Feet 1967 Ejvinds Cabin Cruiser$49,900
Purchased the boat in 2003 in Marathon, Fl.Started rebuilding boat in 2004 with sand blasting inside and out of hull and cabin. New engine, new prop and shaft. Replaced gel coat with West System 205-207 Epoxy, built new floor, benches bulk head, windows, rails. All wood used was black walnut and teak.
3916725'6 Feet 1941 Gar Wood Custom Runabout$285,000
Only 2 of these 25'6 Triple Cockpit Custom Runabouts were built in 1941 making it an exceptionally rare boat. 1937-1941 marked Gar Wood's true "design perfection", building some of the most beautiful boats in production and setting a standard for all other competitors. With heavily crowned decks, rounded covering boards, and pronounced bow flare, the 1941 models are unmistakable. This example has been meticulously restored and is powered by a Scripps V-12 engine; one of the most expensive marine engines of the time. This "trophy fleet" model is ready to be enjoyed by a discerning collector.
391661956 Wizard Super-Power 25hp Outboard$2,000
Sold by Western Auto in the 1950's, Wizard outboards were actually built by Mercury Marine and rebranded with minor changes. This 4 cylinder example would have been comparable to Mercury's Mark 30 model. These motors are actually fairly rare and their light green metallic & red color scheme made them a very striking powerplant. This Super-Power 25 has been beautifully restored is sold complete with a rolling display stand and original matching fuel tank.
3916524 Feet 1961 Lyman Runabout$24,500
First year for the flared bow/hull providing a dry ride in steep seas. Repowered with Chrysler 440 engine and hydraulic transmission. Three year refit including overhaul of engine just completed, Sunbrella canvas and upholstery, varnish, paint and bottom work. Loadmaster trailer with new running gear. Boat is ready to be used and shown. Options: teak decks and interior covering boards in varnish; full enclosure canvas with both screens and windows; Bennett automatic stabilizers; Dual Pro battery charger with three-way battery switch; VHF radio/antenna; fish finder depth sounder; Compass; Blaster handheld spotlight; teak swim platform and boarding ladder; Pioneer radio and CD Disk changer with remote; spare prop; Port-Potti in bow cuddy; mooring lines, fenders, anchor, boat hook; monogramed towels, blanket, floor mat and throw-able ring buoy.
39163Chrysler / Gar Wood Engine only $1,000
This engine was originally in a 19' Foot twin cockpit Garwood hull #4272. The engine is incomplete and was purchased in the 50's. It is a total basket case and comes with the original gear box.
3916217 Feet Constitution Woodworking$9,500
Sailing craft and rowboats built to the Whiethall design are considered among the top small craft. This rowboat was built in 2002 in Maine to the design of a 19th century Whitehall Pulling Boat and has been used lightly since on Ninigret Pond in Rhode Island. She has varnished sheer strakes, a painted lapstrake hull, varnished floorboards, battens to support a full canvas cover, varnished mahogany seats and transom. Two sets of oars and four brass oarlocks complete the package. The 17 foot length makes her stable and very easy to row.
3915922 Feet 1983 Century Coronado$14,250
Clean boat, no stress cracks, stringers are solid. Engine runs very strong, Original interior in good condition. Comes on a 2010 custom built trailer with spare tire and mount. Great family ski boat with lots of room and great ride. We get compliments on the boat every time we take it out. Comes with new road cover custom made in 2014, , convertible top with sides windows and after curtain,
3915714' Feet 1955 Crestliner aluminum$6,500
All original with polished aluminun sides
3915424'6 Feet 1986 Custom Built Sport Racer$58,000
Hull built by Gerard Longtin. Cabin and decks completed 1986 by Andress Boat Works in Ontario. The hull has two ¼” layers of moulded mahogany plywood using an epoxied saturation technique. Decks and interior are solid mahogany. It has a modified vee hull, cuddy cabin and seating for six. Inboard gas engine has a downdraft carburetor and flame arrestor. The instrument panel has a tachometer, temperature, oil pressure, volt, speedometer and fuel gauges. It has a custom wood steering wheel and a single lever throttle control with trim tab functions. Always carefully sheltered during it's ownership and in storage for the past 13 years or since 2005. It was fired up in 2016 and winterized. In 2017 the boat received a fresh coat of varnish and hull was touched up. Ready for the boating season. A “Marine Condition and Valuation Survey” was carried out April 12, 2016 by the Buchanan Marine Appraisal Services Limited.
3915216 Feet 1948 Century Deluxe Utility$24,500
This 1948 Century Deluxe originally came from Wisconsin and was a barn-find a few years ago. After being in dry storage for over 50 years, she has been completely restored and is ready to enjoy. No-soak 5200 bottom, new decks and covering boards, fresh interior, chrome, and all new (fused) marine wiring. The original Gray Marine 4 cylinder 75hp engine has been rebuilt and nicely detailed. Sold complete with a well-fitted single axle trailer. This beauty is a great runner and really scoots along!
3915117 Feet 1950 Century Resorter$15,500
This 1950 Century Resorter is a great daily driver and a perfect entry-level classic. The finish is in nice overall condition and she is a good runner. Upholstery recently replaced, bottom caulked with Sikaflex. Complete with trailer, cover, and marine accessories. Factory-equipped foot pedal throttle. Brand new copper bronze bottom paint Spring 2018. Ready to use this season!
3915023 Feet 1923 Gold Cup Replica Mike Michaud Gold Cup Replica$31,900
Custom Built 23 foot replica of the 1923 Detroit Gold Cup winner. All hardware top quality vintage pieces. Powered by a 454 Chevy with velvet drive transmission. Built using Modern construction methods so no swelling is ever needed. This is a very fast and stable boat.
3914922 Feet 1955 Chris Craft Continental$29,000
This 1955 Chris Craft Continental has spent it's entire life in California. Most recently it has spent it's time in a fresh water lake in Northern California. The chrome and interior are in excellent condition as are the gauges. The bottom is an original, traditional bottom that requires soaking at the beginning of each season. The engine is a new Chevy 350 which will power the boat nicely and has only 40 hours since it was rebuilt.
39148-- Feet 1918-1920 Hispano-Suiza Engine 650 HP$20,000
The Hispano-Suiza 12 cylinder engine is an aircraft engine produced by Hispano-Suiza for the French Air Force in the Pre-World War II period. Later a number of these engines were brought to the United States as Hispano participated in New York to Paris long distance endurance flights. All of these engines were tested for 25 hours before leaving the factory and it is believed that this unit has not been run since that time. Thus engine would be suitable as a spare parts or new engine for any marine conversion Hispano-Suiza but currently has NOT been marinized.
3914722’ Feet 1965 J.J. Bickford Clyst Class Sloop$6,000
Flying Cloud is a 22’ Clyst Class Sloop, built in 1965. She is of carvel construction, planked in mahogany on oak frames. She is both elegant and seaworthy, capable of both shallow, inland cruising and long-distance ocean passages. She is hull number 4, of five Clyst Class sloops designed and built by J.J. Bickford in Topsham, Devon, UK. She has a Yanmar 1GM10 inboard engine, an efficient masthead rig, 3 berths, and a 2 burner alcohol stove. She also has a small spray hood, a homemade self-steering gear, and a 10’ sculling oar. At 3.5 tons, with a 40% ballast ratio, she is also a capable, seagoing yacht. In 2017, I crossed the Atlantic in her from Cape Verde to Grenada. She completed the 2000 mile passage in 20 days. I’m now cruising up from the Caribbean to the States, and am willing to deliver to anywhere on the East Coast.
3914619 Feet 2017 Custom Barrelback (Chris-Craft Replica)$58,500
This custom-made runabout mirrors a 1939 Chris Craft Barrelback with the benefit of new construction methods, creating less maintenance and more endurance than a vintage boat. Superior in every way, the boat's double-diagonal, cold planking and West System bottom eliminate the soaking and maintenance issues associated with traditional antique wood boats. Honduran mahogany and 10 coats of Epifanes varnish created the beautiful enduring finish on the sides and decks. Outfitted with period-correct Chris-Craft chromed hardware and trim, period-correct marine vinyl seat cushions and and a banjo steering wheel. Serviced by a two-battery, 12-volt electrical system with A/B switch and full fuse panel. Powered by a new Vortec 4.3 liter, 229 horsepower V-6 connected to a Velvet Drive transmission with less than 5 hours on both. Draws 17 inches and weighs 1850 lbs.
3914519 Feet 1954 Chris Craft Racing Runabout$48,500
This double cockpit Chris Craft with red leather upholstery is a joy to drive. Only 503 of these beautiful Racing Runabouts were built between 1948 and 1954. With its sleek, low sheer line the Racing Runabout looks fast even when it's sitting idle. Very clean boat and engine fully restored. No soak bottom. One of the most desirable of the Chris Craft Runabouts, this boat has a proper “V” windshield. Most of the restoration was done by Don Philbrick and the final varnish was professionally done in California. Powered by a rebuilt Chris-Craft "MBL" 158 h.p. engine.
391441953 14 Feet Penn Yan Trailboat$6,500
This Penn Yan Trailboat has been completely restored and is in very nice overall condition. All of the wood is in very good condition. The current owner has had the boat three years and is now wishing to do something different. The best part about the boat is the modern power 20 HP Mercruiser with only 20 hours on the boat. New cushions and upholstery on the boat. All safety equipment and ready to go.
3914318 Feet 1962 Chris Craft Custom Ski$8,000
As Found, stored for twelve years. I cleaned the fuel tank and lines, cleaned carburetor, checked spark plugs, ignition points and timing. Flushed the water galley and jacket. Put new Bendix and brushes in starter, new engine oil and new marine battery, engine has good compression. Disconnected the prop shaft at engine. Greased the water pump and connected the cooling water lines to a reservoir. She immediately started and under close monitoring I let her run for three hours on the trailer with cooling water. She runs strong, no oil smoke, and never skipped a beat. The clutch, tranny and prop shaft work fine. Extra 283 engine with clutch and tranny and some misc parts including a CC steering wheel. Have title both the boat and trailer.
3914012 Feet B&B Yacht Designs Classic Sailing Skiff$3,500
This is modern version of a Classic Sailing Skiff. Made by B&B Yacht Designs and called the "Amada" this boat was one that many first cut their teeth on as they entered the world of sailing. This boat is ready to be sailed again or to be used a display piece. It is in very good overall condition.
3913942 Feet 1967 Inland Seas Steel Clipper$26,000
This 1967 Steel Clipper 42' manufactured by the Inland Seas Boat Company of Sandusky Ohio is powered by TWIN GRAY MARINE V8 280 HP engines with a max speed 20mph. This classic features recently renovated interior, renovated shore power wiring and city water lines (pex) with updated marine water heater and 9 cu ft refrigerator. Air Conditioning has been added. The engines have had complete tune-ups with newly remanufactured fuel pumps added along with brand new Edelbrock carburetors on each. The Heads have been reconfigured and updated with new fixtures in both as well as the shower. A truly magnificent antique vessel that is comfortable modern live-aboard in the Great Lakes!!
3913717’ Feet 1958 Chris Craft Sportsman$18,900
Documented professional restoration including a no soak bottom, gauges, vinyl and brights. Loadmaster custom trailer, 2 covers and all accessories come with.
3913619 Feet 1941 Chris Craft Deluxe Runabout Barrel Back$99,000
The 1941 Chris-Craft 19 Foot Custom Runabout Barrelback is one of most highly sought after models of Chris-Craft line. Only 22 Model 108s were produced for 1941. The world was embroiled in the beginnings of World War II and luxury items were few in the United States. This boat was first delivered to a Chris Craft dealer in Reno, Nevada and has spent all of it's life in California. The boat was found in a barn in Lake Tahoe and underwent a full restoration. Once complete the boat was then shown at the prestigious Lake Tahoe Concours where it took home the honors as top finisher in the pre war Runabout Category. It is in excellent condition today and offered with the upgraded Chris Craft "M" engine which offers 145 HP for use at higher altitudes. Regretfully the current owner is not using the boat and is now offering it for sale. This is a piece of Lake Tahoe history and with the awards to support it's overall presentation.
39135Chris-Craft Hercules "M" Engine$6,000 
This 1952 engine was purchased from a military supply sale and marinized for putting into a boat from that time period. After being fitted out for water use, the engine was run on the dyno for six (6) hours and as such is pretty much new. This would nicely into any number of Chris-Craft boat such as a 22 foot Sportsman, a 25 foot Sportsman or any of the mid-range Chris-Craft made in the late 1940's and early 1950's. The engine sits on a steel stand with rollers on it.
391332015 / 1924 30' Modern Reproduction Gold Cup Racer $280,000
An exact replica of the Caleb Bragg's Baby Bootlegger built after original drawings (George Crouch). cold moulded epoxy, Sipo mahogany on Norwegian pine with fiberglass under highgloss clearcoat ,sand moulded brass hardware ,gorgeous leather interior, one off gauges,to step gearbox (builton GM Powerglide), 40mm prop shaft, sits on trailer, liftingbar for inboard hookup.
3913117' Feet 1965 Formula Jr.$45,000
A single owner classic now in its 53rd season. 1965 was a very good year. Our third child was expected, a promotion and relocation at work was in the works and I had a brand new Formula Jr. on its trailer in the garage. I sort of knew my Formula was a classic. It had that look. It still does. Eventually our kids learned to water ski behind it and then all of a sudden their kids did too! Now it is someone else's turn. It could be you! I have kept this boat ship shape and in running order for someone for all these years. It was never restored because it never needed it. It was repowered in 2000 because things wear out. A 4.3 Merc V-6 and Alpha outdrive plus trim tabs for the added torque were installed with all new wiring and gauges. The advances in technology added ten miles per hour to the top end. I took those ten off by turning a lower pitch High 5 SS prop. That held things down to a very usable 44 miles per hour with all kinds of fun pop as a result. This is not a museum piece although it easily could be. The secret to its longevity was to keep it clean and run it. When we relocated to New Hampshire in 1968 we picked up an extended heated garage under our family room. That has been winter quarters each year ever since. I have enjoyed this work of art every day ever since. I hope you will too.
3913014 Feet 1959 HardyFibreglass Outboard$3,450
This classic runabout boat has been completely restored from top to bottom. It's in immaculate condition and is 100% water ready and waiting for the right owner. The antique value of this boat is worth the price alone. You will not find this style any where!!!! I believe it to be one of a kind. Assisting with the delivery is also a possibility. Ready for years of trouble free enjoyment for you and your family! Boat: Brand new quality paint job with auto/aviation grade paint and clear coat Brand new marine grade vinyl with memory foam seating for comfort...seats 7 people comfortably Solid transom Water sealed brand new flooring Brand new marine grade carpet Electric start Electric choke Up front shift and throttle Easy steering Brand new ignition switch and wiring Front and back lights Deep cycle brand new battery 5 gallon gas can Bilge pump Loud chrome horn Motor: 20 horsepower 2-stroke outboard Johnson Starts with turn of key Easily takes the boat 25+mph Runs strong All new fuel hoses Rebuilt carburetor
3912922' Feet 1958 Century Raven$27,000
All original 1958 22' Century Raven, lovingly owned and maintained by second owner for last 35 years. Great roomy, rough water boat. Original owners used it between Grand Island, NY and Port Colborne, Canada. Original wood and hardware and accessories: ladder, compass, marine head, etc. Engine rebuilt to standard. Includes tandem axle, aluminum float-on trailer for smooth hauling. Ready and waiting for her next owner to care for her over the next 35 years!
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